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Art Direction, Retouching, and Studio Photography

ASRV Sportswear is a 100% E-commerce company. To elevate the online shopping experience, I've created a hyper-real way the customer is used to seeing their clothing in person. Most people can relate with laying out a pile of products that are intended to come together and create the outfit that they will soon wear.

In Woman's Sportswear, you do not have to show the customer how to put together outfits. But with men, they need a little more guidance. This is why this design aesthetic for visual merchandising helps the customer and naturally displays how cohesive the entire brand is from product to product. It effectively showcases the endless styling options available throughout the cohesive selection of color-ways with different designs that fit together seamlessly.

Software: Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop

Client Name
ASRV Sportswear