I'm Ryan, a Content-Designer-turned-UX/UI-Designer based in San Jose, CA. The work in this portfolio is comprised of past work I have done for ASRV. I offer 5 years of experience working full-time with a startup company, ASRV, as a creative professional. My passion for creating innovative solutions has grown to be more efficient over the years through my initiative to learn and implement design thinking and lean UX practices into the business. I believe that any collaboration enhances brand cohesion, workplace morale, and produces unique solutions that one could never achieve on their own. I take pride in the attention to detail I bring to every part of a project while staying within time constraints to meet deadlines. My mission throughout life is to leverage my empathetic and creative abilities to help people. I'm currently available for full-time work.

Click the link below to view my UX/UI Portfolio with case studies...


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