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Design Thinking & Brainstorming to drive Innovation

I have introduced the design thinking process into the start-up company ASRV to solve user problems in innovative ways. Spearheading this project, I had to educate the team about Design Thinking and how brainstorm sessions work to level the playing field for all involved and drive the quantity of ideas for innovation up. When incorporated, this iterative process is aimed to efficiently push ASRV towards a better experience for the user consistently. This is important since ASRV is an all E-commerce company and the user interacts with the company only through user interfaces. The Design Thinking process and Brainstorming Sessions can also be formatted to help aid product development to solve problems of the user while performing athletic activities and tasks in their daily lives. Refining our problem statement through this iterative process aids all departments to move towards a specific and common goal. 

During Brainstorm sessions, I have played the role of a facilitator. My focus was to keep the session directed towards the problem statement and introduce creative ways to get through mental roadblocks. I have personally taken the initiative to incorporate the design thinking process and structured brainstorming sessions to drive innovative solutions for the customer. This is important to maintain as a start-up company grows in size of employees.

I have educated myself on Design Thinking through my certification program called "Design Thinking" with "The Interaction Design Foundation." I received the certification on June 23rd, 2019, with a "top 10% in class distinction". With my knowledge of the process, I have seen the potential benefits of incorporating this process into ASRV. This is why I have chosen to take steps to integrate it into the business.

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