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Low-High Fidelity Wireframes & Animated Prototype

The purpose of this app is to enhance the music experience between workout partners. The app gives users the ability to sync the music from their current music application they already have, collaborate on playlists together, and listen to the same stream of music simultaneously. The app gives users the ability to use their microphones in their headphones to talk to one another. This solves the problem of not being able to communicate with each other while listening to loud music. The app solves the problem of having to take off your headphones to communicate while listening to music. The users also can un-sync their music and listen to their own desired playlist while retaining the ability to talk to each other via headphones. The app has an adjustable microphone sensitivity feature to keep the constant noise from the user's surroundings from being picked up by the microphone.

Software: Sketch, After Effects, Photoshop

Client Name
ASRV Sportswear